Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Sorry Teacher :'(

Musyrif Bin Maswan

No.2, Lrg 8, Tmn Sri Wang Fasa 2,


Perlis Darul Sunnah.

Dear Teacher,

First and foremost, the reason for me to write this letter is to ask for your forgiveness for unintendedly ditched your class last Friday. Your class was after recess. During the recess, I went to 5 Othman to read some articles in the school magazine or well known as Misykat. So I got a little distracted and got carried away. As 5 Othman’s teacher did not came into their class so I do not have any idea that our recess was already over 30 minutes ago! When I took a look at my watch, it was already 12 o’ clock. At that time, my heart was full of guilt. I might even commited suicide by that time. And just like I thought, you were mad. I am really sorry for that. It is not like I purposely ditched your class just to have fun playing chess as I was slandered by. I really did not realize that it is already time for English lesson which is your class. I do not know about Zaid as we were not together on that day. I only met him after I realize that I was ditching your class. So once again I apologize for my rudeness.

I hope you will forgive me. Even Allah will forgive His sinned creations; us humans. Our prophet; Rasulullah S.A.W also has forgiven those who ill treated him such as Saidina Umar Al-Khatab although he was about to kill our prophet. Kill! I just ditched your class. Unintendedly of course. One of Allah’s names is Ar-Rahim which means The Loving One. So as His divine creations, we should really try to imitate this attitude which is to love each other and forgive each other. The prophet was sent by Allah to be a role model for all of us so we must also follow his forgiving behavior. So please, forgive me.

Dear teacher, Saidina Anas ibni Malik once said “ I was Rasulullah’s servant for 10 years and he never said ‘Cih!’ towards me. He never asked “ Anas, why did you do this” nor “Anas, why didn’t you do that””. This hadith indicates that Rasulullah was a forgiving person. So as his ummah, we should also be a forgiving person. So I ask for your forgiveness again. In the Quran, Allah has told us humans to do good things towards animals. But I am a human! Which means of course it is mandatory for us humans to be good to each other. One of the ways is you can forgive me for ditching your class unintendedly.

If I was purposely ditched your class, why would I apply on elbow grease and write this letter. I should just buy you some chocolate and pretend to apologize. But I did not do so because I really am sorry for what I did and I repented. And please do not pray that I will not get an A. A teacher’s pray is like a mother’s pray, it has a high probability of being accepted. Allah will be please to us if our parents are pleased to us. In school, teachers are student’s parents and you are like my mother. So please do not be mad at me. And please, I am not that good in English. All my achievements today are thanks to my teachers and of them is you! You helped me to be good in English. But I am still not done receiving your precious knowledge. I still need more of them to be a better English user. So please, I beg you to accept me as your student.

The student who seek your knowledge,

Musyrif bin Maswan.

P/s: please forgive me.

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