Saturday, February 27, 2016

Becoming a morning person

                Becoming a morning person? Well sometimes people aren’t even person when morning comes. They will be like, I give you ten seconds to get out of my life or die. Well that would be a problem if you are a pharmacy student in IIUM. Why? Because class starts early in the morning and ends late evening, sometime even at night. You will have problems to focus in class which is very vital. So this article here is to share some tips to be a morning person. in less than 7 days. Just kidding.
                Some prefer caffeine in the morning. Nescafe, old town white coffee, or even milo in the morning. Yes it might help but only for a short duration. The effect would probably stays for 2-3 hours after onset (I sound like a pharmacist now lol). So what is the best solution to be a morning person?
                Well, this is only my opinion so feel free to accept it or not but I think one of the best way to feel energetic in the morning is by some morning exercise. It doesn’t have to be too vigorous, even some squat is sufficient. For me, I will do 10 reps of 10 types of exercises. This also include squat, pushups, star jack, and sit-ups.
                The result was tremendous! I can focus in early classes for quite some time, at least enough until during lunch time because most of KOP students went to have their power-nap during lunch time including me. At the same time, sweating in the morning feels great, made me a lot healthier. The exercise is not really that hard, just do simple one.
                I started to have my morning exercise so that I will not go back to sleep after Fajr prayer. You guys know how bed have 10X the gravitational force during the morning right? Lol . Thanks to that, I can avoid going back to sleep. After 20 minutes of exercise, I will take my bath, perform Dhuha prayer and ready for another day as a pharmacist-to-be.
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